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Please reach out if you are interested in volunteering with Simply A Miracle! We have a wide range of volunteer experiences available, and we'd love to get you involved!

We are looking for board members with the passion, dependability, connections, and skills to carry Simply A Miracle into the future!

Once you've read through the information below, please use the button to fill out a short interest form. We'll get in touch with you soon! We're excited to talk with you about joining the Simply A Miracle family.

We need you.

Simply A Miracle began as a family project in 2018. With the two of us founders and a handful of volunteers, we held a fundraiser to earn just over $1000 to buy a headstone for a local family who had recently lost their infant son. We have continued to run a completely voluntary organization out of our home, and have grown quite a bit in 6 years - we are now raising $10,000-$20,000 each year and helping dozens of families with medical, mortuary, emergency transport, counseling, and memorial costs. Now, we have hit a deciding moment for this little organization: Will we continue to run a tiny, home-grown, volunteer organization until our life takes a different turn? Or will Simply A Miracle, one of less than 10 organizations in the nation that offer financial assistance to infant loss families, become self-sustaining and provide support to infant loss families far into the future?


We know the answer.


In Utah alone, over 250 families each year lose a child between birth and one year old. (This does not include miscarriage or stillbirth numbers, which are significantly higher.) These deaths can result in medical and other bills that can range from $5000 to nearly $1 million. After the death of a child, no one should be worrying about finances. The need is enormous, and the resources to fill that need are grossly insufficient. We know there is no true decision. Simply A Miracle NEEDS to continue to exist and fulfill its purpose, no matter what direction our life takes.

And so… It’s time for us to create a solid Board of Directors to provide the continuity, connections, and leadership to ensure that the work of supporting infant loss families goes on!


If this cause and this situation strike a chord with you, we would love to discuss the possibility of having you on our Board.



We are looking for board members who:

-care about people and love to bless the lives of others

-can support the mission of Simply A Miracle: to provide financial and emotional support to infant loss families

-will leverage their connections to solicit donations, volunteers, beneficiaries, and profitable partnerships for Simply A Miracle

-are prepared to make a significant personal contribution to Simply A Miracle each year

-are willing to donate time and services in the following areas: legal, tax and finance, grant writing, marketing, event planning, fundraising and donor relations

-can spend 10+ hours per month fulfilling board responsibilities

-are flexible, proactive problem-solvers who are willing to take initiative in transitioning Simply A Miracle to a more sustainable operation

-can commit to a 2 year board term, and solicit options for replacement at the end of that term

-will attend Simply A Miracle events and represent Simply A Miracle in various settings

-bring unique perspectives to the table and work well with others to accomplish goals

-are honest, trustworthy, and dependable, even when the inevitable hiccups of life come up.

We are especially interested in members with prior board or non-profit experience.

It is helpful but not necessary for board members to live in Utah.


This is a volunteer position. This Board will be breaking new ground for our small organization, and will be learning together as we go. If you are looking for a prestigious, easy position with a clear description of your exact duties, this may not be the best fit for you. If you are willing to give it a go and do your best, let’s talk! Fill out this short interest form and attach your resume, and we will be in touch.

This is the official description of the ideal board member responsibilities. This is what we are ultimately working toward, and much of it will not apply right off the bat.

As the leaders of the organization and to satisfy its inherent and fiduciary duties, the board of directors is responsible for:


  • Assessing the board of directors’ performance as the governing body of the organization. The board will annually perform a self-review of the effectiveness and performance of board members, individually and as a whole. The board will address any concerns immediately to ensure future improvement.

  • Avoiding conflicts of interest and acting ethically. Board members will operate with the highest level of ethics. They are the recognized leaders of the organization and are accountable to the public that the organization serves. They will avoid taking actions or voting in such a way that provides them with inappropriate personal benefits or a conflict of interest. 

  • Overseeing the role of executive director. The board will select, hire, determine the salary, and evaluate the performance of the executive director (CEO of the organization). An executive director oversees the management of the organization according to the decisions of the board, and is a key role in the organization’s success. It is very important that the board evaluate thoroughly the qualifications of possible candidates and periodically review the instated director’s plans for and administration of the organization.

  • In the absence of an executive director, the board is responsible for performing or facilitating the day to day administration of the organization, including but not limited to:

    • Program management

    • Bookkeeping

    • Marketing

    • Event planning

    • Fundraising

    • Donor relations

    • Volunteer management

    • Legal and financial matters

    • Customer service and relations

  • Ensuring strong fiduciary oversight and financial management. As the governing body of the organization, board members have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of the organization. The relationship of trust will be carried out in all aspects of their responsibilities, including financial, legal, and ethical matters. The board will follow the organization’s bylaws, policies, and resolutions.

  • Fundraising and developing the resources of the organization. All board members will participate in fundraising, and will actively seek to maintain and increase resources (financial and otherwise) to accomplish the organization’s mission.

  • Making decisions on strategic and organizational planning. The board will determine the direction and goals of the organization, and will coordinate with the executive director to create a strategic plan for accomplishing those goals.

  • Voting on and approving the annual budget of the organization. Considering information provided by board members and others involved in day to day administration of the organization, the board will draft, vote on, and implement an annual budget. This budget will take into account current financials, organizational needs, community needs, and good faith predictions for the coming fiscal year.

  • Creating and voting on key policies for the organization. The board will continually review and develop policy to keep up with the needs of its beneficiaries and changes deemed necessary by the board of the organization.

  • Representing the organization in public and growing the organization's connections. Board members will be outspoken ambassadors for the organization. They will act as representatives of the organization in appropriate public settings, making connections and sharing the cause and needs of the organization. 

  • Recruiting new board members. Board members serve for a period of 2 years, at which time they are typically released. The board is responsible for maintaining adequate numbers, and will recruit, interview, evaluate, and invite candidates to join the board. All new board members will receive training on the fulfillment of their role in a timely manner.

  • Monitoring the organization's challenges and progress towards its goal, mission, and purpose. The board will monitor the progress the organization is making towards its goal each year. They will be aware and watchful for real and potential challenges to the organization, and implement solutions to those challenges. The board member’s role is to advise, guide, and vote in order to meet these challenges and make progress towards the organization's goals and mission.

  • Approving and monitoring the organization’s programs and services. In coordination with the executive director, the board will ensure the success of the organization’s mission by actively supporting and monitoring all programs, as well as approving the implementation of new or adjusted programs.


Board Members are individually responsible for:


  • Knowing the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs.

  • Faithfully reading and understanding the organization’s financial statements.

  • Helping identify personal connections and facilitate relationships that can benefit the organization’s fundraising, reputational standing, and progress.

  • Preparing for, attending, and conscientiously participating in board meetings and committees, as well as attending important organization events.

  • Serving as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engaging in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its mission.

  • Leveraging connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve the organization’s mission.

  • Giving an annual meaningful personal financial donation.

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